Damian is an eclectic composer hailing from Neuquén, Argentina, with an undying love for all things video games, movies, and comic books.

At a young age he showed interest in drawing his own comics but soon he found that hitting random keys on a synth proved to be a much effective way of self-expression than scribbling away on panels and speech bubbles.

He finished his studies in classical piano at Fracassi conservatory and soon moved out to more instruments he could master. It wasn't long until he found out that bashing drums like Gene Krupa is lots of fun.

He performed, recorded and toured playing drums in a number of bands, including renewed Pearl Jam tribute band, Begonia, technical death metal underdogs, Polybius and fine avant-garde jazz trio, Mas Frescos Que Una Lechuga (that last one was a fine example of a horrible band name), with beast superstar bassist Nacho Rodriguez.

Always having a knack for writing his own music, he moved out to Neuquén, where he started studying audio engineering and scoring college projects for friends. He adventured in composing for shorts and videos for local talent such as famed Argentinian racer, Juan María Nimo's heartwarming life story interview by Daniela Cartelli and even writing some of the ukelele-cute driven music for Germany's very own, YouTuber Cinnamoniboni.

By 2018 he scored the Nairobi film festival nominee Spanish short film “Medicina Natural” and got commissioned by Twitch streamer Gabbmew o write the intro music for her channels.

Focusing his efforts on gaming music and audio, Damian has composed the music for Voxel art indie wonder, Darkness developed by ScaniX.

Also scored the acclaimed 2D retro point&click adventure, Session Seven, which holds a whopping 9/10 on Steam.

He designed the sound for Tube Frenzy, a fun broswer puzzle game by Plays Nicely.

Currently he is the lead composer and sound designer on Argentinian indie dev gathering, Team Cefiro which is preparing to release their first effort, Veronica Mertens, a sci-fi adventure game.

No matter if it's Jazz, Orchestral, Metal, Pop, Funk, Rock, or even Chiptune, there's no style Damian can't (or won't) try.