Indiegame dev for Darkness, Foreign Skin & Higher Beings
"I can only say that dPoten is awesome to work with, super professional and motivated. So go and grab him for your project!"
Zenith Music
Producer from the Netherlands, dedicated in making relaxing, new-age and electronic music
"Enthusiastic, dedicated and talented composer. DP is the man for indiedev projects!"
Twitch Streamer Content Creator
"dPoten is the one who hand crafted my intro and outro music- he's independent and amazing"
Jonas Jelli
Developer Session Seven
"I had the pleasure to work with Damian on a point & click adventure game. He did an outstanding job creating the whole soundtrack for the game. He is extremely talented, diligent, reliable and professional with excellent communication skills and I am looking forward to work with him again. If you have any needs for a versatile composer, I would highly recommend him."